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What’s In My Makeup Bag: Lucy’s Secret Beauty Weapons

Hello, my
fellow beauty junkies! How are you doing? Are you ready for another post full of tempting beauty goodies?

If you love toxic-free makeup and you are into the green
beauty trend, please raise your hand (and stay on this page)! Today I’ll
tell you a bit more about my favorite eco-friendly, chemical-free beauty items
and why they have a special place in my makeup bag (and in my heart).

Hydrating Face Mist

The first
thing on my list is not actually a makeup item, but without it, my beauty
routine just wouldn’t be the same. The reason I swear by face mists is because
they make my skin look super radiant and plump – as if I’ve just had my 8 hours
of beauty sleep. Also, when I need to do a touch up during the day, a spritz of
this miraculous water makes it so much easier – the mist “softens” the makeup I
already have on and allows me to blend it really well. This way, even when I
reapply mineral foundation or concealer, I never look as If I’ve layered tons
of makeup on my face.

What To Try: La Mav’s Rose Hydrating Mist


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Mineral Foundation

What I love about minerals is how they blend smoothly, giving me a satin finish and perfectly
looking skin. With the right tools (my favorite super soft 
Vegan Kabuki Brush) I can build my foundation up, getting
full coverage, on those days when I urgently need “second skin” (I bet you also
have days like that). When my skin is (and looks) happy, one application is
enough for medium coverage and natural finish.


Since I am quite
lazy (I admit it) I prefer not to touch up my makeup during the day, which is
why applying a primer is a must for me. I really like 
La Mav’s Organic BB Cream,
because it helps my makeup stay in place till the end of
the day – regardless of the season. As a bonus, it hydrates my skin, even its surface and gives me a very
nice healthy glow.

What To Try: La Mav Anti-Aging Mineral Foundation With SPF15



Get Your Mineral Makeup

or if you want to trial the product before going for full size…


Since I have
pretty pale skin, I was always skeptical about bronzers and blushes. No matter
how little I applied they always looked very fake and you could tell from a
distance I have something on (which is the last thing I wanted). After all, makeup
has to be discrete, no?

After years
of trials and error I’ve found a way to get along with bronzers and I swear
this has changed the way I look dramatically. My skin appears 
healthier and fresher, as if the sun has kissed it. Don’t know how I’ve lived without this thing

What To Try: La Mav’s Sunkissed Bronzer

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Tinted Lip Treatment

Makeup bag
without at least one lip product is not a makeup bag at all! Shout out to all of you who have more than one
lip product. Lip products are like shoes and bags – you can never have too many!  

I used to carry around in my makeup bag all kinds of lip balms, glosses and lip
treatments, until I finally decided that I have to find one product that does
it all (this way I’ll have more space for my favorite eye shadows). For the
past year I’ve been using a Tinted Lip Treatment that is super nourishing, has
a hint of color and enough glossiness, without looking dramatic – perfect for
every day!  

What To Try: La Mav’s Tinted Lip Treatment




Pick Your Shade

*if you are unsure which shade to go for, check out these swatches

Now, it’s your turn! Tell me what’s in your makeup bags, girls! I’d love to hear more about your fav beauty items!

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