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3 Great Uses of Sweet Almond Oil

The almighty almond oil – who hasn’t heard about it? Being
one of the most respected oils in the cosmetic industry, almond oil is added to
skincare products for teens, adults and even babies. Gentle, hypoallergenic,
rich in beneficial ingredients and easily absorbable it is included in the
formulations of face creams, baby oils, facial washes, scrub, body butters,
moisturizers and many more. Actually it is almost everywhere. And no, not
because it is cheap (like mineral oil), but because it does work wonders for skin and hair! Here are 3 ways you can use it at home:

Nourishing & Restorative Skin Treatment

Applying it as before-bed treatment or adding a drop of it
to your nightly cream will soften and smooth out your skin and help it retain moisture
by forming a thin protective layer. It also prevents premature aging, restores
suppleness, adds glow and evens skin tone. True multi-tasker!

Chapped lips, red patches, dry hands – be gone! Almond oil has incredible regenerative
properties, thanks to its richness in vitamin E and A. It can fully replace
your chap stick and your hand cream. And it’s all natural!


Hair Strengthener & Growth Booster

Want healthy locks? Massage a small amount of almond oil
onto your scalp with circular motions and leave it for at least an hour. The
easiest and the cheapest nourishing treatment you can think of. As mentioned
above, being rich in certain vitamins, almond oil nourishes the scalp and the
hair follicle, making your 
hair stronger and more resistant to external damage.

Try using it as a split end serum, as well – it’s light (it won’t weight down your
hair), it locks moisture in, keeping your hair hydrated, it reduces fizziness
and adds shine. All-in-one serum!

Gentle Facial Cleanser

Since the oil is not heavy or thick you can use it as facial
cleanser. The recipe is more than simple – mix 20ml of almond oil with 30ml
rose water in small container (preferably non-transparent one, because this way
you will protect the oil from oxidizing) and there you have it – your own
inexpensive homemade cleanser. At least you know what’s really in it, righ? It’s great for removing make up (even
waterproof, yes!) or just for refreshing your face after a tiring day and washing
away all impurities. Let’s not forget about the fact that while it cleanses it
also soothes and nourishes. What can be better than that?

La Mav’s organic, ultranutrient rich Sweet Almon Oil contains a high concentrate of fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, E, and minerals of magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. The magical nectar helps to protect the skin from drying and improves the skin’s natural barrier function so you feel silky smooth and supple!

Order with confidence: all La Mav products are certified organic, clinically proven, and cruelty free!

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