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3 Beauty Items That Will Save Your Skin This Winter

Winter is coming… well at least here in the Oceania region, where winter comes in June. And we would all agree that this is the season our skin dreads. Like it or not, we must face the cold wind and (maybe), along with it – dry, red, irritated skin. Why do I say “maybe”, you could ask? Well, with the right weapons
(yes, I said weapons!), your skin won’t need to fear the cold winter weather! Today we’ll share with you our favorite winter skin saviors – 3 handy beauty essentials that are sure to keep your skin smooth, hydrated and radiant during the colder months!

Creamy Cleansers

Creamy cleansers are
god-sent. First of all, it’s almost like an all-in-one product. It’s a makeup
remover, cleanser, and light moisturizer in one bottle! Creamy cleansers are
gentle on the skin, yet very effective when it comes to getting rid of
impurities. They leave your skin clean, but at the same time, conditioned.
Using normal facial washes usually strip away all the sebum, leaving your skin
dry and later on, flaky. We may love the squeaky feeling after a “good facial
wash” but, breaking the natural oil barrier of our skin
will fast-forward us to pre-mature ageing, which for me, is a big no-no!

Note: When choosing a creamy
cleanser, choose one that’s specifically made for your type of skin for best

What To Try: La Mav Hydra Calm Cleansing Cream

Winner of the Nature & Health 2012 Beauty Award, this gentle cleanser is designed for dry skin and dehydrated skin to wash away impurities, perspiration and pollutants, deeply hydrating and conditioning to deliver smoothness and nourishment. 

Formulated with Bio-Flavonoids, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter the cleanser will moisturize and cleanse the skin to reveal its clear, bright, smooth surface.

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Rich Moisturizers

Please do me a favor. DO NOT
skip moisturizing your skin during winter! Unless dry, flaky skin is what
you’re after, which I highly doubt. I, myself, sometimes am too lazy to slather
on a bunch of products on my skin in the morning, but during the colder months,
no matter how lazy I’m feeling, I force myself to put my daily cream (I pick a
rich one, because my skin is always tight and flaky in winter). And I believe
you would agree that moisturizing is something you can’t skip if you want your
makeup to apply evenly and smoothly.

For the lazy beauties like
me, there are wonderful time-saving alternatives! Tinted moisturizers and
BB creams with SPF nourish, hydrate, protect and give you a hint of color for a radiant
complexion and gorgeous finish. No need to pile on different creams, makeup
bases and whatnot – one product does it all!

What To Try: La Mav Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Cream

Our moisture-locking ultra hydrating daily crème delivers a radiant and visibly plump glow that’s ideal for skin that is lacking luster and prone to dryness, fine lines and/or dehydration. Because it’s formulated with Argan oil and Hyaluronic Acid, this exquisite daily crème maintains hydration and moisture levels while also reducing visible signs of aging. The soothing powers of Aloe Vera leaf juice and Acai Pulp oil help to promote a healthy, fresh and radiant complexion so your skin will look its best, every day! 

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Natural Oils

Unfortunately, for those of
us who struggle with dry skin all year round, moisturizers are not enough to
keep our skin healthy and hydrated during winter. Here is where natural oils
step in.

Compared with regular creams
oils are more potent and way more effective when it comes to restoring the integrity
of the natural lipid barrier of the skin and providing it with essential fatty
acids (which is what your skin needs when it’s freezing outside).

Note: When buying plant oils make sure to always choose organic! This is the ultimate guarantee that all wonderful qualities of the oil are fully preserved! 

When it comes to using oils
and getting the best of them it’s recommended to exfoliate 2 times a week in
order to remove dead skin cells that build up on the skin surface . This way you
allow the active ingredients to penetrate fully and in depth.

Plant oils can be used both
during the day and before bed, though many skin care gurus advise to apply them
as nightly treatment, as they might take some time to absorb. Apart from that,
as our cells regenerate best while we sleep, it’s the best time to give them a
powerful cocktail of natural goodness, so they can undergo full restoration.

What To Try: La Mav Nightly Repair Nectars

La Mav Nightly Repair Nectars are luxurious blends of super beneficial 100% organic plant oils and potent bio-acitve ingredients designed to help you deal with the most common skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dehydration, loss of tone and firmness and increased sebum production. Their nutrient rich formula that works overnight (when your cells regenerate best!) will heal your skin from the inside out, so you can wake up and smile to what you see in the mirror.

Choose Your Nectar

Now that you know these 3
simple tricks to survive the cold winter days (and nights), there’s no need to
be afraid of the upcoming climate changes. Healthy hydrated skin during the cold,
windy months is no longer mission impossible! Enjoy the winter season!

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