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Everyday Habits For Healthy Skin

6 Everyday Habits For Healthy Skin 

If you’re looking for simple ways to supercharge your skin health, here are 6 everyday tips worth trying out. 

Sunscreen Is A Must

Whether it’s summer or winter, sunscreen is an absolute must! Otherwise, we’re exposing ourselves to harmful UV rays, which can speed up signs of aging on the skin - including wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and more. 

Half an hour before stepping outside, be sure to apply an everyday sunscreen with at least SPF30. Everyday moisturisers with an SPF element are great for protecting your skin.

For extra protection, reach for your sunnies and throw on a hat. 

Drink Plenty Of Water 

Another simple habit that often slips our mind is fluid intake. We often don’t notice dehydration until it creeps upon us, leaving behind feelings of dizziness and headaches. The same goes for our skin: we sweat all day without noticing it until our skin becomes irritable. 

Luckily, drinking more water can be as simple as being mindful of your intake. Carry a water bottle around with you and set yourself some hydrating goals - 2.5 to 3 litres a day is ideal. Plus, eating water-based foods such as fruit and vegetables will also help with rehydrating the body, while delivering an extra kick of skin-loving nutrients in the process. 

Cleanse The Skin

Double cleansing can go a long way towards achieving and healthier and clearer complexion. 

Adding an oil cleanser into a skincare routine can do wonders for the skin - working to visually hydrate, improve dryness and lessen signs of aging, while also being gentle to the skin. 

Start off with an oil-based cleanser to rid the skin of oils, make-up, and dirt - this will help to clear impurities and unclog pores to prevent acne from arising. Then, finish off with a water-based cleanser to hydrate and exfoliate. Aim to cleanse the face in the morning and evening to achieve these benefits.

Moisturise Your Skin

Regardless of the season, be sure to include a quality moisturiser in your skincare arsenal. With different weather conditions, hot showers and indoor cooling sucking the moisture from the skin on a regular basis, a hydrating moisturiser can go a long way towards fighting off dry skin. 

The best time to apply a moisturiser is after a bath or shower, as the skin will be damp. This can help to lock in the moisture, leaving behind a glowing complexion. Whether you prefer a lotion, cream, or oil, opt for a moisturiser that suits your skin type and that you’ll be happy to use regularly.

Sweat it out!

I know what you’re thinking: why would exercise be good for my skin? Exercise is great for your body and great for your mind. Naturally, you will look happier and healthier which will reflect in your colour and skin tone.

In the warmer months, you may not feel like strenuous exercise, and that’s okay. Simply going for a walk every day or doing some gardening are great starting points. At the very least, they give you fresh air which can’t be underestimated for your skin and overall well being. 

Upgrade Your Diet 

Similar to how exercise can support your skin health, so can a nutrient-rich diet. After all, many of our body’s systems rely on good nutrition to function properly, and the skin is no exception. 

A poor diet can limit the amount of skin-loving nutrients we’re taking in, which can influence elasticity and give skin the appearance of premature aging. As a result, we open ourselves up to wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

Ranging from vitamin C to omega 3, there is a wide assortment of nutrients we can take advantage of to supercharge our diets and achieve a shining complexion. Not only can these vitamins and minerals ensure that our skin is working properly and looking its best, but they can also help to fight off the damaging effects of free radicals, which would otherwise cause wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. 

In Summary 

There are many nourishing daily habits that we can use to elevate our entire health and wellbeing to a whole new level - just remember, consistency is king. 

Ranging from regular exercise and a quality diet to cleansing the skin and applying sunscreen regularly, these simple behaviours may seem insignificant, but together they work to nurture our skin and release its full potential.