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Ingredient Spotlight: Chlorella Vulgaris

Ingredient Spotlight: Chlorella Vulgaris

Chlorella is a single-celled, water grown algae that contains rich levels of the green pigment chlorophyll. It contains more chlorophyll per weight, than any other plant on earth. Nutritionally, chlorella is known as a ‘super-food’, which detoxifies the body and supports liver function. When used in skin care chlorella has many more wonderful attributes.

This minute wonder is rich in amino acids, oligopeptides and has more the 20 vitamins and minerals. Chlorella also contains good levels of beta-carotene as well as iron, lysine, zinc and iodine. It’s high levels of essential fatty acids helps keep skin cells in optimal health.

The benefits to the skin are:

Correction of vascular imperfections – chlorella decreases rapid blood vessel growth and therefore minimising the visibility of redness in many skin disorders.

  1. Anti-dark circles and pigmentation – when added to a cream, chlorella helps to reduce the signs of dark circles from around the eyes. It has a skin-lightening and brightening effect that may help in the reduction of pigmentation of the skin. Studies show, when used over time, users have seen a reduction in pigmentation and increased transparency to the skin.
  2. Skin restructuring – studies show that chlorella extract increases the skin’s firmness and tone by acting as a buffer between the skin’s layers. Chlorella also acts as a powerful skin or wound healer. The high levels of vitamins and minerals stimulate the cells to reproduce at a faster rate.

When used in conjunction with other lightening active ingredients, organically grown chlorella vulgaris plays a vital role in La Mav’s skin brightening system.


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