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Age Defence, Ultra Hydration and Brightening Organic Beauty Tea

There’s nothing more comforting than a warm cup of tea. It’s a ritual that many of us associate with calm, good health and vitality – and it should come as no surprise that after water, tea is the most popular drink in the world.

While LAMAV’s origins are firmly rooted in the realm of organic topical skincare – there’s no denying that what we choose to nourish our bodies with on the inside is just as important. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our very first collection of LAMAV Beauty Teas designed to complement our existing product range and offer a completely holistic beauty experience.

Given our skincare is inspired by blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science – we wanted to bring the same level of care and quality to our tea offering, too. Selecting only the most efficacious and nurturing ingredients, we’ve once again harnessed the power of bio-actives and are confident that there is a LAMAV Beauty Tea to suit everyone. 

So, pop the kettle on and get ready to sip your way to good health and glowing skin…




 This delicious blend combines antioxidant-rich goji berries and rosehip with calendula and hibiscus petals for a brew that’s perfect for those concerned with fine lines and ageing skin. Packed with vitamins C and A, as well as lycopene – this beauty blend works to promote collagen synthesis – which naturally declines as we age – for a smoother, plumper, more radiant complexion. 

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Supple, dewy, glowing skin begins with good hydration and this blend is packed with ingredients that work to support dry and dehydrated skin from within. Blueberries and butterfly pea flowers are all rich in anthocyanins which help to combat free radical damage while Jasmine green tea contains polyphenols to help keep skin hydrated.



To combat dull, lacklustre skin, we’ve selected ingredients such as Gotu kola, liquorice root, ginger and anti-inflammatory curcumin from turmeric to naturally brighten the complexion. Lemongrass and orange peel provide a zesty kick as well as a powerful hit of vitamin C to help support skin health and radiance.

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