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Is there really a way to make your hair grow faster?

Is there a natural way to get longer healthier hair ?

Gorgeous hair is indeed a gift from nature, but it doesn’t mean that if, for some reason, nature was not generous towards you, you are sentenced to have thin, short or lifeless hair for the rest of your life. Not at all!

Good looking hair is usually a reflection of how well you take care of it. Let’s go through some “facts and fiction” about hair growth and see how to get the best of what we were given.

While it is true that the speed of growth partially depends on your genes, and it is a process you cannot interfere in because it is biologically programmed, there are certain things you can do to make sure that the new hair that comes out will be strong and vital.

And here comes the question – being offered so many alternative ways to obtain gorgeous long hair, which ones are those that really work?




3 Common Myths About Growing Your Hair Faster

  • Combing your hair 100 times a day
  • Combing your hair too much (especially if you use plastic combs/brushes) can damage the hair shaft, which will make your hair appear coarse and frizzy. The only benefit from combing regularly is that this way you distribute the natural oil your scalp produces (the sebum) on the lengths of your hair which serves as protection from external aggressive factors. However, for this to happen, you certainly do not have to comb 100 times each day – combing your hair as you wake up and once before bed, like most of us normally do, is enough.

  • Putting oats on your scalp
  • It’s funny, really. In fact – one of the funniest things I’ve stumbled upon on the net. It’s true that oats are great for exfoliating your skin and for calming it down if it is irritated (when soaked in water or milk), but for your hair – I do not think there’s much oats can do. Besides that, seriously – how do you wash away that stuff once you put it in your scalp?

    If your scalp is irritated some jojoba oil or sweet almond oil will work wonders! You can have my word for it. Tested and proven to work.

  • Frequent trims
  • Hairs consist of a follicle (the living part that resides in the skin) and a shaft (the “dead” part visible above the scalp). The process of growth starts from the follicles – they control how much and how fast your hair grows. The shaft, however, is dead, thus by cutting the ends of your hair you won’t stimulate the actual process of growth in any way. Same applies for shaving or drastically cutting your hair – it won’t make it thicker or stronger, if your hair is fine – the new hair that will grow out will be as fine as it used to be.

    5 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Hair’s Condition

  • Healthy scalp means healthy hair
  • Your hair grows out of your scalp, where the follicles reside, so if you keep it in good condition by nourishing it, the new hair will grow out healthier and stronger.

  • Integrating oils into your hair routine
  • Oils are miraculous natural potions that you can use not only on your face, but on your hair too![/tweet_dis] One of the best ways to treat your scalp is by applying regularly oil masks that will nourish and protect the skin from the aggressive detergents your shampoo may contain or the harsh water.

  • Massage your scalp
  • By massaging your scalp, even for 5min before every bath, you stimulate the blood circulation which brings more nutrients to the scalp – another great non-time-consuming way to improve its condition.

  • Good diet
  • You are probably already tired of hearing how important nutrition is, but… yes, it is!No wonder there is a common saying that “Beauty from within shows on the outside.” If you nourish your body well, all processes that take place in each cell, run smoothly. The hair growth is also a process that happens on a cellular level, so please make sure to fuel it well.

    Stick to healthy fats, nuts, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and you can’t go wrong.

  • Avoiding shampoos that contain harsh detergents
  • Not only do detergents dry out and irritate your scalp, but they also damage your hair, by breaking the bonds in the proteins that build up the hair shaft, thus making your hair weaker and prone to breakage.

    Even if they do not directly affect the condition of the lengths of your hair, strong shampoos wash away the sebum from your scalp and make it produce even more, which results in your hair getting more greasy with the time (which requires more washing it goes – the vicious circle is closed).



    Taking good care of your hair always pays off. Just like your skin appears smoother, healthier and more glowing when you moisturize it well, apply nourishing treatment regularly and you cleanse it gently. And I am not saying you’ll get Rapunzel’s hair, if you apply oils to your scalp once a week and you massage it, but I assure you, if you are patient you’ll see improvement in the way your hair looks.

    Do you have any tricks for improving the condition of your hair? We’ll be happy to hear about your secret and not-so-secret recipes! If you liked this post, let us know by sharing it! Your feedback is also appreciated – feel free to leave your comments below!