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Organic Skin Science

LAMAV'S XMAS GIFT GUIDE -  Thoughtfully selected festive gifts for you and your loved ones


It’s that time of year again… What am I going to get (insert family or friend’s name) for Christmas!? 

It feels as though Christmas shopping is becoming more challenging every year, with endless choices in store and online, along with ever changing viral must-haves on social media, it can be confusing to know where to even begin looking for that special something for our dearest family and friends.

Whilst we don’t have an answer for every person on your shopping list, one thing we know for certain is that Skincare, Self-Care and Wellness never go out of fashion. So, we’ve thoughtfully created a holiday gift guide containing carefully selected Gift-able Organic Skincare, Body Care, Makeup Must Haves and Blissfully Beneficial Self Care Tools to help you work your way through your festive season shopping list. 

Our Full Body Bliss Pack is all about self care meets skin health, and is the perfect gift for your Mum, Sister, BFF or even yourself. Containing Our Aura Body Gua Sha and Nourish Ayurvedic Body Oil, you or your loved one will enjoy the benefits of tension relief, along with smooth, toned and hydrated skin. What’s not to love!

LAMAV’s Limited Edition Vitamin C Oil is the perfect stocking stuffer. Our Vitamin C Brightening Oil is suitable for all skin types, bursting with bio-actives and barrier loving oils to brighten, hydrate and protect your complexion from the visible signs of ageing. This is sure to be a welcomed gift to anyone’s skincare routine!


If anyone deserves some self care, it’s your Mum! Often the first person in the family to go without and put the needs of everyone else above hers, she deserves something thoughtful and realistic. Because, let’s be real - if you’re a mum you probably don’t have time to do a 10 step skincare ritual every day!

LAMAV’s Age Defence Complete Skincare Collection

This collection is the perfect way for your mum to nourish and protect her skin from the effects of ageing in a few simple steps. It has everything she’ll need to firm, plump and renew her skin naturally and effectively, morning and night. 


  1. Hydra Calm Cream Cleanser 100ml
  2. Rose Hydrating Mist 100ml
  3. Firming Eye Lotion 15ml
  4. Commiphora Plumping Serum 30ml
  5. Vitamin A Repair Oil 30ml
  6. Omega 3 Advanced Night Cream 50ml
  7. Wrinkle Smoothing Cream 50ml

If body care is more your mum’s style, our Full Body Bliss Pack is the perfect duo to promote healthier skin from head to toe. Incorporating our Aura Body Gua Sha and Ayurvedic Body Oils into her nightly shower routine is an easy way for your mum to indulge in a little self-care that will only take 5-10 minutes per day.

Aura Body Gua Sha

Our Body Gua Sha has been specifically designed to tone, tighten and smooth the skin. Inspired by ancient healing traditions to reduce inflammation, muscle tension and improve circulation, this is sure to give your mum the TLC she deserves!


Nourish Ayurvedic Body Oil

Our body oils are a great way to hydrate and nourish the skin while also indulging in a self-massage, known as Abhyanga. Our Ayurvedic Body Oils penetrate deeper than a moisturiser to deliver immediate and long lasting hydration, with the added benefits of LAMAV’s Ayurvedic Wellness Blend to fight external stressors, inflammation and firm the skin. 


We all have that one friend or relative who is seriously into skincare and makeup. You name it, they’ve tried it. It can be risky to find skincare or makeup that they haven’t already tried and that you know they’ll actually like, which is why we suggest you stay away from these items all together. Beauty tools are a thoughtful and safe bet here. It shows you’ve taken the time to think about their love of beauty items by giving them something that compliments their existing collection. 

Quartz Gua Sha & Roller Set

Our award winning Gua Sha & Roller Set is a beautifully packaged duo of skincare tools designed to reduce inflammation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and enhance your skin’s ability to absorb and use the bio-active ingredients in your skincare products. You’ll be gifting self care and radiant skin in one!

Micro Dermal Roller

If skin health is high on your gift receiver’s priority list, they will appreciate LAMAV’s Micro Dermal Roller. It increases absorption of skincare products while delivering impressive results when it comes to wrinkle reduction, reducing scarring, improving pigmentation and smoothing the skin. As the 540 (0.33) micro needles roll across the skin, they create micro-pathways to enhance the skin’s healing process while boosting collagen and elastin production.

Ayurvedic Kansa Wand

A facial massage must have, LAMAV’s Ayurvedic Kansa Wand has endless benefits that go beyond skin deep. In addition to boosting collagen production and reducing puffiness, your gift receiver will also be doing their lymphatic system a favour by detoxifying through improved circulation and lymphatic drainage support. They’ll be thanking you for firmer, glowing skin!


The hardest loved one to buy for is the person who has it all. If they want something, they buy it for themselves, making gift giving a near impossible task. Don’t give up just yet, we’ve got you covered!

Vitamin C Hand Cream 

Everyone needs a hand cream on their bedside table, in their bathroom draw or handbag, and our Luxurious Vitamin C Hand Cream is something we can guarantee will be loved and used. No ordinary hand cream, it goes beyond moisturising (although it does that extremely well too). This rich and fast absorbing formula is enriched with carefully selected bio-actives to provide a powerful antioxidant shield, repairing and brightening the skin for smooth and supple hands. Oh, and did we mention it smells like citrus heaven? Once they try it, they’ll be hooked!

Face Masks 

Face Masks are one of those skincare items that we know we should be using, but often put the priority of cleansers and moisturisers at the top of the skincare shopping list. Gifting an organic face mask is a thoughtful way to encourage self-care through skincare for the person who has it all. 

LAMAV’s Glow Beauty Mask is the perfect addition to anyone’s skincare routine, regardless of their skin type. Specifically designed to brighten and improve skin tone and texture, this anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich mask promises to refresh and brighten dull, tired skin. What’s not to love!


Stuck on ideas for your dad or husband? Now’s the time to introduce them to a naturally effective skincare routine with one of our essentials kits to cleanse, treat and moisturise for optimal skin health.

Acne Essentials Kit

This pack contains everything your special man will need to combat breakouts and balance oily skin. Each product is formulated with bio-actives to soothe and calm the skin.

Brightening Organic Skincare Essentials

If the man in your life has normal or combination skin, this is the perfect everyday pack. It contains 3 daily essentials to brighten and protect the skin while reducing the appearance of sun damage.

Age Defence Organic Skincare Essentials

If your dad, husband or partner has skin on the dryer side or is over the age of 30, look no further! This pack will renew skin to deliver real results. You’ll see a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation while boosting hydration for a firmer, smoother complexion.


One thing we know for sure is that teenagers like experimenting with makeup and skincare. Everything is new and exciting for them, so now is the perfect time to steer them in the right direction by gifting them some beginner friendly, organic makeup.

LAMAV’s Be Beautiful Collection will give the teen in your life everything they need to achieve flawless skin naturally in just a few simple steps. Our Be Beautiful Packs contain:

Organic BB Cream

Suitable for all skin types, our Award Winning BB Cream is a lightweight formula that contains natural sunscreen and skin loving bio-actives to nourish your skin as you wear it. Specifically formulated to smooth and even out your complexion, the colour adaptive pigments will blur imperfections while providing a semi-matte natural finish.

Mineral Foundation

LAMAV’s Mineral foundation is 100% natural and the perfect way to build coverage naturally, without drying the skin. This mineral foundation naturally absorbs excess oil so is perfect for teenage skin, and is infused with Vitamin C to nourish and protect the skin as you wear it.


Vegan Kabuki Brush

LAMAV’s Ethically sourced Vegan Kabuki Brush is a must have item in your teen’s makeup kit. Use with our mineral foundation, mattifying powder and bronzer to build coverage, set makeup and and contour for a flawless finish.


Self Tanning 

Nothing says teenage summer more than spending days with friends at the beach. Give the special teen in your life the gift of a safe and skin loving tan with LAMAV’s Gradual Tanning Moisturiser or Self Tanning Lotion. They’ll be bronzed and ready to hit the beach with confidence this summer.  


LAMAV’s Gradual Tanning Moisturiser contains a nourishing blend of Oils and Green Tea Extract to instantly hydrate skin while building to a beautiful streak-free, light honey tan. It’s also enriched with bio-active Magnesium to promote a sense of relaxation - something every teen needs!

Our Self Tanning Lotion delivers a rich golden tan in one application, with all the same skincare benefits of our Gradual Tanning moisturiser. Designed for darker skin tones, you’ll enjoy a deep bronze tan without the fake tan smell or dreaded colour transfer!

If you’re gifting a loved one something from our Self Tanning Range, don’t forget to include LAMAV’s Exfoliating Mitt and Tan Application Mitt - 2 essential accessories to help your teen achieve a flawless, undetectable tan.