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The Ultimate Age-Defence Skincare Routine for Youthful Hands

If there’s one part of the body that is undeniably hard working, it’s our hands. We use our hands every day for an endless list of tasks and it’s all so automatic that we generally don’t give these actions any thought at all. Think about it - brushing your teeth, opening doors, holding the steering wheel of your car, putting washing on, preparing dinner, regular hand washing and even me typing this blog post as we speak! It really is never ending. Not only are our hands always doing something, they are constantly exposed to the elements. Similar to the skin on our face, our hands receive no natural protection from the constant exposure to sun, wind and environmental stressors that cause dry, rough skin and premature ageing. The difference between the skin on our face and the skin on our hands is that we actually show our face TLC everyday with an often in depth and well thought out skincare routine. Now that you think about it, I’m sure you’ll agree our hands deserve more than a quick wash with soap under the tap. They deserve clean skin, a naturally nourishing anti-ageing hand cream, and a self- care ritual to ease aching muscles and rejuvenate the skin.


Washing hands is nothing new, but in recent years through COVID outbreaks it’s certainly become more of a focus and protocol in some workplaces. Just as your facial skincare routine works best starting with clean skin, so will your skincare routine for your hands. Clean hands aren’t just essential for good hygiene, it will also ensure the hand cream you apply after washing will be absorbed effectively, allowing the bio-active ingredients to do their job and nourish your skin. Here’s some steps you can take to give your hands a thorough, hygienic clean:

  1. Wet your hands, being sure to use lukewarm water. Using water that is too hot can strip your hands of natural oils, leading to further drying and irritation.
  2. Apply enough hand wash to cover all areas of the hands and fingers. Find a hand wash that supports your skin type - soap and fragrance free is a good place to start.
  3. Begin creating a lather by rubbing your palms together before moving over the back of your hands and around each finger. Don’t forget to wash in between your fingers, around cuticles and under nails. 
  4. If your work involves exposure to paint, chemicals or dirt you may also benefit from an oil cleanse before or after cleansing with hand wash. An oil cleanse will gently and effectively breakdown grease, oil and hard to budge stains whilst helping to repair and rehydrate the skin (think hairdressers, trade staff, factory workers, artists etc)
  5. Dry thoroughly using a clean, soft towel.


With how hard they work and how often they are exposed to environmental stressors, it’s no wonder our hands are often one of the first areas of our bodies to show signs of ageing. You can repair and protect the skin on your hands from further damage, whilst diminishing signs of ageing by looking for hand wash and hand cream that contain the following anti-ageing bio-actives:

Hyaluronic Acid

A well-known hydration hero for good reason, Hyaluronic Acid has the impressive ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it an ideal ingredient for dry, damaged hands. It provides an intense burst of moisture to cells, combating the ageing effects of dehydration while plumping the skin.

Vitamin C

This potent antioxidant fights oxidative stress and protects against sun damage, which makes this ingredient particular beneficial for the exposed skin on our hands. As we are unable to biosynthesise our own Vitamin C it is also essential for healthy skin function including the production of collagen.

Licorice Root Extract

Dry, damaged hands can often become sensitive and inflamed, particularly if regularly exposed to harsh elements or over-washing. If this sounds like your hands, Licorice Root Extract is a must have ingredient when it comes to caring for your hands. This potent anti-inflammatory contains high levels of antioxidants to enhance skin healing and brighten the skin.

CoEnzyme Q10

Speaking of antioxidants, Co-Enzyme Q10 is a powerful one which works to scavenge free radicals, preventing and reducing environmental damage. This multi-tasking ingredient will assist with combating signs of ageing including wrinkles and pigmentation.

LAMAV’s Vitamin C Hand Cream contains all of the above bio-active goodness, with the addition of our exclusive Ayurvedic Wellness blend. Ashwagandha, Amla and Holy Basil work to fight external stressors and inflammation whilst firming the skin.

A natural, nourishing, anti-ageing hand cream is essential for healthy hands and skin. It’s also vital if you want to avoid the signs of premature ageing. Our Vitamin C Hand Cream is fast absorbing and provides a powerful antioxidant shield, making this a must have for the hand bag. Apply morning and night as part of your daily skincare ritual and don’t forget to top up after washing your hands throughout the day to replenish moisture and provide further protection from damage and stress. 


Elevate your self-care ritual with LAMAV’s nourishing Hand Cream or Ayurvedic Body Oil by indulging in a nightly hand massage before you hit the pillow. What better way to unwind while showing your hands some love before bed. At LAMAV we promote wellbeing practices that de-stress and holistically balance your mind and body. Ayurvedic self-massage can be performed daily at home and its benefits go beyond skin deep. Tired, dry and dull hands will benefit from lymphatic drainage, increased circulation, reduced inflammation and muscle aches, along with boosting hydration and strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Treat your hands to an at home Ayurvedic hand massage following the below steps:

  • Apply a generous amount of LAMAV’S Vitamin C Hand Cream, and once absorbed, follow with your chosen Ayurvedic Body Oil.  
  • Begin massaging the palm starting at the joints just below the fingers using a mixture of side to side strokes and circular motions. 
  • As you work your way down to the lower part of the palm that meets the wrist take some time to massage the thicker muscle points below the thumb and little fingers.
  • Use long sweeping strokes through the middle of the palm working from the bottom up towards the fingers.
  • Now, focusing on the back of the hand, relieve sore joints with firm circular motions around each knuckle and finish each finger with a cuticle massage.
  • Moving down to the forearm, use an open palm to complete up and down strokes at a pressure that feels right for you.

The hands have many delicate pressure points that relate to other areas of the body. Hand massage can be extremely beneficial for relieving tension in the hands, and can also have a positive flow on effect for the rest of the body. 

As with any massage treatment, it’s best to avoid self-massage if you have any illnesses or injuries without consulting with your healthcare professional first.