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What Makes Dark Circles Worse

3 Things That Make Dark Circles Worse

Dark circles are one of the most annoying problems one can
have. And it is extra annoying when you wake up in the morning, look at
yourself in the mirror, and realize you look like a zombie! I know I’ve had
that experience. The problem is, for some of us, 
dark circles are actually
caused by our genes. But just because our parents handed us down these genes,
doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for us, right? There are some things we can do to help our eyes look well-rested like drinking plenty of water, wearing sunscreen (and good concealer), good night sleep, etc. On the
other hand, there are also things that would actually make our dark circles
worse – let’s go quickly through some of them!

Lack of Sleep &Oversleeping

The skin under our eyes is very thin, so, the blood
vessels there can be seen more compared to any other part of our body. When we
lack sleep, the blood vessels under our eyes dilate which appears as the dark
tint under our eyes. Oversleeping has the same effect (like it or not). So getting about
6 to 8 hours of sleep every night is just about right to steer you away from those annoying dark circles.


Sun Exposure

Sun exposure activates our pigment producing cells. When we
are exposed to the sun, our skin produces more melanin around the eye area. To
prevent this, it would be best to wear makeup with some SPF protection. If you
don’t plan on wearing any makeup, wear sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days.
You may not notice the sun on cloudy days, but it is there, showering you with
its UV rays.

(Unfortunately) Age

As we age, if we don’t take care of it, our skin gets
thinner and loses its elasticity (faster than we’d want it to). The thinner the
skin under our eyes get, the more noticeable the blood vessels there become. Not
only that, but the breakdown of collagen, which is the reason why the skin
loses its elasticity, makes the skin under our eyes saggy. There is a way to
prevent pre-mature ageing, and that is using a good eye cream. Most of the
time, we use a number of products to take care of our skin. But what we forget,
is to take care of the skin around our eyes. Some products may be too harmful
for the thin skin around our eyes, so it is best to use creams that are
specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. 
Eye creams that contain
Hyaluronic Acid and 
Vitamin C are known to be effective in combatting fine
lines and dark circles around the eyes. Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that can
reduce fine lines, while Vitamin C helps reduce brown spots and sun damage.

To summarize – get enough sleep, wear sunscreen, and use eye cream daily! You’ll see the difference!

And In case you are wondering which eye cream to choose, let us help!


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