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All You Need To Know About Zinc Oxide

Some time
ago, we’ve talked about 
Titanium Dioxide, because many of you were asking
whether it was safe, what it was used for, why so many skin care companies were
incorporating it in their products, etc. Because we have been getting quite a lot of similar inquiries,
but addressing zinc oxide, we decided to shed some light on the subject and
tell you more about this wonderful natural ingredient and its incredible
benefits for the skin.

What Is Zinc Oxide?

Zinc Oxide
is a naturally occurring inert mineral that is basically just oxidized zinc. Even
though zinc is the most abundant element on planet Earth, the amounts of its
“oxidize version” (zinc oxide) in nature are limited. Thanks to the advanced of
modern chemistry, several eco-friendly ways to synthesize it in a lab are used
to satisfy the needs of the cosmetic market. I don’t want to bore you with
complicated explanations, but I can give you a guarantee that the most widely
used methods for the synthesis of zinc oxide do not pollute the environment and
also, manage to preserve fully the qualities of this great natural compound.

Is Zinc Oxide Organic?

If a company is
trying to convince you that their mineral makeup or the sunscreen they offer
are 100% certified organic, be sure, they are trying to mislead you. While both
mineral makeup and sunscreens can be formulated with the help of certified
organic compounds (like our Mineral
Makeup Range
where all products are infused with Pure Organic Rosehip Oil), they cannot be
formulated without the use of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (natural, but inorganic
compounds). In other words – yes, mineral makeup and sunscreens can be 100%
natural, but definitely not 100% organic.

Is Zinc Oxide Safe?

FDA says zinc oxide is “Generally Regarded as Safe” and the data available supports this
claim fully. No scientific research has managed to show any side effects of the
use of zinc oxide in skin care products and makeup, hence we can say with
confidence that it is non-toxic and will not, in any way, harm your health.

The biggest safety concern related
to zinc oxide, though, comes from the fact that
are suspected to be harmful for the human health
. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that not
all commercially available types of zinc oxide are nano. Basically there are
two types –
and non-micronized (non-nano).
Following extensive research in this area, we are extremely confident about the
superior quality and safety of the
non-nano sized ingredients used in our products
(this includes both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide).

The zinc oxide we use is
considered fine with particles between 1 and 2 microns. As a nano or ultra-fine
particle it measures less than 0.1 microns (100 nanometers), our ingredients
are well above the nanoparticle threshold and
cannot,under any circumstances, penetrate the

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Why Do We Use It?

The first
and the most important reason why zinc oxide is so widely used in the skin care
industry is because its outstanding, all-natural, broad spectrum sun protective properties. Zinc oxide absorbs both UVA and UVB, hence provides full protection. Zinc oxide doesn’t
allow UR rays to reach and damage the skin cells, hence reduce greatly the risk
of premature aging and hyperpigmentation.

Since zinc
oxide is not irritating and doesn’t clog pores, it can be incorporated in the
formulation of products for people with acne-prone or hypersensitive skin and
is highly unlikely to cause any side effects.

great characteristic of zinc oxide is that it controls inflammation and sebum
productions, which makes it ideal for treating acne. Not only it will keep your
skin shine-free, but it will not clog your pores and will actually help the
tiny wounds/marks heal better, leaving your skin glowing with health.

Lastly, zinc
oxide is one of the favorite ingredients of the manufacturers of baby products.
It prevents the appearance of the so called “diaper rashes”, by forming a thin
layer that locks moisture in and protects the gentle baby skin from external
aggressors. Besides that it
reduces the urge to itch, by soothing irritations which is why it is used in
the formulation of products for dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other similar
unpleasant skin conditions. Oh, and did I mention it has antibacterial properties? another reason to believe that nature has solutions for every problem… 

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