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Inner Beauty

At LAMAV, we have always embraced a holistic view of health, beauty and wellbeing—delivering formulas that are backed by science to deliver optimal results for your skin.

But as we enter a new era for LAMAV, our brand has continued to evolve and while we remain committed to creating skincare products that work synergistically to refresh, rejuvenate and restore balance to your skin—we are also exploring how we can further support our outer beauty as well as our inner health and wellbeing, with inner beauty formulas that nourish and nurture on an even deeper level. Bringing together our love of bio-actives with our knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda—we’re excited to once again expand what is possible in the world of beauty and wellness. 

This innovative formula is also somewhat of a passion project for our founder and CEO, Tarj Mavi. As a research scientist and clean beauty pioneer, Tarj’s inspiration for new products is firmly rooted in her Indian heritage. With vivid memories of her mother preparing the Ayurvedic tincture, Chyawanprash—a potent blend of bioactive and nutrient-rich herbs and minerals—Tarj experienced first-hand the health, beauty and wellbeing-boosting benefits of this Ayurvedic ritual when she was served this nourishing blend in milk every morning. Inspired to create a formula that enhanced life force in the same way as Chyawanprash—the LAMAV Ayurvedic Beauty Powder was born.


What are the benefits of the Ayurvedic Beauty Powder?

Combining pure and powerful, plant-based ingredients—this holistic formula boasts a myriad of skin and wellbeing benefits. Here’s what you need to know…


1. It supports collagen formation

Vitamin C is essential, not only for healthy skin function, but also collagen synthesis—which is why we’ve included an abundance of vitamin C-rich ingredients in the Ayurvedic Beauty Powder. Derived from sources such as acerola cherry and amla—which contains 20 times more vitamin C than an orange—the Ayurvedic Beauty Powder helps to promote firmer, plumper, more youthful-looking skin by boosting collagen production deep beneath the skin’s surface. Even better? It minimises the effects of ageing by protecting cells from further free radical damage.


2. It bolsters immune health

For a robust immune system, we need to consume enough of the key vitamins and minerals required for its function on a daily basis. This includes both vitamin A and C —which each play a critical role in maintaining overall immune health. Acerola cherry is once again rich in both these vitamins, as is pineapple, holy basil, aloe vera and amla. The formula also contains 25 percent of your daily RDI of zinc, to further bolster immune function and keep skin strong and resilient.


3. It boosts energy

Harnessing the powers of adaptogenic herbs, our exclusive Ayurvedic Beauty Blend™—which includes ashwagandha, holy basil, amla and turmeric—works to improve natural energy levels, enhance mental clarity and promote sustained vitality. 


4. It combats inflammation & fights ageing

As we already know, antioxidants play a key role in combating inflammation—both internally and externally. Amla, ashwagandha and schisandra berry each boast an impressive phytonutrient and antioxidant profile with studies showing these adaptogenic herbs can help to reduce markers of inflammation and combat the effects of oxidative stress. By scavenging free radicals—damaging compounds that lead to cell damage and homeostatic disruption—antioxidants, such as those found in the LAMAV Ayurvedic Beauty Powder, can help to prevent further damage and reduce the visible effects of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. 


5. It promotes digestive health

The addition of our unique Probiotic Blend helps to bolster digestive health by providing the gut with a healthy dose of good gut bugs—deriving from eight strains of beneficial bacteria. As probiotics have been linked to improved intestinal barrier function, reduced inflammation and improved immune function, they play an important role in our overall health and wellbeing. We’ve also included prebiotic inulin to further nurture and fuel the good bacteria in your belly.


6. And finally… it supports the body’s response to stress

Perhaps more than anything else, the Ayurvedic Beauty Powder helps to promote a sense of inner calm by utilising the powers of adaptogens to calm the nervous system, promote homeostasis and bolster your ability to adapt, cope and respond to stress. Our deep understanding of the powers of adaptogens is why we were so keen to create our own proprietary Ayurvedic Beauty Blend™—not only to reduce psychological stress, but also the impacts of oxidative stress on our body and skin. 


How to take the LAMAV Ayurvedic Beauty Powder

Designed to become the foundation of your inner beauty routine, simply mix 1 teaspoon (6g) of the Ayurvedic Beauty Powder into a glass of water or your favourite smoothie blend and consume immediately. For best results, enjoy daily!