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Have you noticed that pink clay is EVERYWHERE? From cleansers to face masks, this clay has taken over the internet. If you’re wondering, what’s the deal with pink clay? And why is it so popular? Well, we got you! We’re here to talk about why this magic earth-bound mineral is making its way onto everyone’s skincare routines. It’s not just any clay, it has to be Australian Pink Clay!

6 Amazing Benefits of Australian Pink Clay

Best known for its strong mineral content, Australian pink clay can help you get glowy skin in no time. Apart from that, this clay has some serious skincare benefits:


1. It’s Anti-inflammatory! 

Other than just silica, Australian pink clay also contains magnesium, selenium and zinc which might not sound that important, but they are. Magnesium is known to break down fatty skin cells and promotes muscle relaxation whilst zinc reduces oil production and selenium strengthens our skin cells to help fight off unwanted infections. Pretty cool, right? 


2. It’s Detoxifying! 

You know that tight feeling you have when you apply a clay mask? That’s the detoxification process. Pink Clay is rich in minerals such as kaolinite and calcite which help to pull toxins from the skin. If you’re looking for a mask to spring you back to life especially after a couple of wines, our firming mask has you covered. High in pink clay and Hyaluronic acid, it’s going to seriously recharge and repair your skin. 


3. It’s Anti-bacterial! 

Pink Clay helps to calm down redness so eczema prone or blemish prone skin, this ingredient is for you! The soothing and antimicrobial properties of pink clay help to minimise pores and reduce the size of existing blemishes.


4. It Brightens Dull Skin!

How? Well, dull skin is essentially a buildup of dirt and dead cells on the surface of our skin. The beauty of pink clay is that it has exfoliating properties to slough those dead skin cells off. Used regularly it helps to minimise congestion, keep complexion smooth and reduces bumps and congestion.  


5. It’s Moisturising!

Australian pink clay is able to draw out impurities from your skin. Also it contains natural minerals which work naturally to give you a hydrated skin and a long lasting glow. 


6. And the Final Benefit, It Gives Instant Results!

Pink clay can give instant results with the first application itself. So if you are getting ready for an important event, this will help you look your best in almost no time.


How Can You Use Australian Pink Clay?

Pink clay is a versatile ingredient and to realise its benefits, you can choose from a number of products. 

  1. Pink Clay Mask

Pink clay is most frequently used in face masks. Pink clay face masks are either supplied as powders or pre-made creams.

  1. Pink Clay Cleanser

The pink clay adds a further cleansing effect that helps remove dead skin cells and brighten skin when used in combination with other natural ingredients.

  1. Pink Clay Body Soap

Typically, pink clay is used with other potently purifying chemicals, such as charcoal, to exfoliate the skin while it cleanses the body. Natural emollients, such as cocoa or shea butter, are frequently added to cleansers to help smooth the skin as they moisturise it.


The Goodness of Australian Pink Clay with LAMAV

So far, the Australian pink clay sounds pretty good. If you’re like us and want some pink clay in your life, then LAMAV’s firming treatment mask is for you. The bioactives in this firming treatment mask visibly lift, tone, and increase skin elasticity for a plumper, more youthful appearance. Use it once a week and leave 15 minutes to unlock the benefits above. Your cleanser works hard, but we promise our firming mask works even harder (and smarter) to give you the glowiest skin you’ve ever had.