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Kansa Wand


Racking your brains for a heartfelt gift that won’t break the bank? With a little creativity, you can source thoughtful presents for all your special people without burning a hole in your wallet.

From homemade bliss balls to botanical tea blends for beautiful skin—we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite (affordable) present ideas to spark your inspiration!

Propagate a plant

Plants are the perfect gift—they’re natural mood-boosters, powerful air-purifiers and the ultimate addition to any indoor space. And thankfully, giving the gift of greenery doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune at your local nursery! By taking clippings from your existing house plants (or those of a family member or friend) and propagating them, you can create a DIY gift that will stand the test of time. Plants like Devil’s Ivy and Monstera Deliciosa are easy to maintain and manage, making them the perfect present for both you and your giftee.

In fact, even if your loved one has a poor track record with plants, they’ll be hard-pressed to do any harm to these resilient species! To add a special touch to your gorgeous green gift, be sure to source a beautiful glass vessel or pot to house your chosen plant. Indoor varieties like Devil’s Ivy will thrive in water, so if you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, simply choose a transparent vessel that will showcase the plant’s complex root system.


Give the gift of inner beauty

Seeking out the perfect present for a self-care queen? Forget the generic gift card—it’s time to show her you know her. Made using Certified Organic ingredients, our comprehensive range of Beauty Teas makes a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in holistic health and beauty. Equal parts delicious and efficacious, each blend—be that Age Defence, Ultra-Hydration and Brightening—is crafted using complexion-boosting botanicals, fruits and herbs which support the skin from within.

Whether you’re seeking out gifts for new mums or a nurse who works night shift, these balancing tisanes are a thoughtful way to help your loved one start the day feeling nourished. Besides, who would want to sip their way to supple skin?


Surprise a skincare-lover

Shopping for a skincare guru who’s got a cupboard full of lotions and potions? Spoil her with a present she won't see coming. The MVP in DIY beauty, our at-home skincare tools are the ultimate gift for anyone hoping to take their complexion to the next level. Designed to boost collagen production and support healthy circulation, our Ayurvedic Kansa Wand is the perfect tool for at-home facial massage. It can even be used to apply your chosen Booster! Made with teak and a mixture of pure healing copper and tin, this luxurious wand glides over the face to relax facial muscles and promote lymphatic drainage for smooth skin and a healthy glow. We guarantee you’ll earn major brownie points when your loved one lays eyes on this ancient Ayurvedic tool.


Make beauty-boosting bliss balls

If you’re looking for present ideas without the hefty price tag, try getting creative in the kitchen by whipping up a batch of beauty-boosting bliss balls! Using a combination of nuts, seeds, dates, and coconut, you can create blissful little bites that will nourish and delight the lucky recipient. For an extra festive feel, be sure to pop your bliss balls in a beautiful glass jar and add a handmade tag with a heartfelt message.

Not sure how your DIY present will be received? Don’t sweat it. Handmade gifts might be simple, but they show that you’re willing to give up your time and energy to make someone smile, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Combined with one of our Beauty Teas, this delicious duo makes a wonderful gift for foodies, tea-lovers and beauty mavens alike.