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How to Prep for Your Special Event and Shine Bright!

Being invited to a special event is the perfect excuse to indulge in some serious self-care, particularly when it comes to your skin! Part of the fun of attending an event is the preparation leading up to it, knowing investing time into your inner and outer health will have you looking and feeling your best when the big day rolls around. Whether it’s your wedding, an invitation to a black tie event, or even just a fun night out with the girls, we have all the tips you’ll need to feel confident and glowing from the inside out at your next event.

Prep work is key when it comes to achieving glowing skin from the inside out. And the earlier you can start preparing, the better. If you’re looking for a quick fix, I have bad news for you… healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight. Increasing water intake, making healthy food choices and including regular exercise into your routine is something that all of us can benefit from. And while you’re working from the inside out, why not nurture your gut health to assist with overall wellbeing and healthy, luminous skin. We recommend LAMAV’s Ayurvedic beauty powder as it’s designed to restore and support gut health while bringing balance and calm to the body.

Depending on how much the event means to you and how much time you have, you may want to start targeting any skin conditions such as pigmentation, breakouts or dry skin at least 1-2 months prior to ensure you start seeing results before the event. 


If you haven’t included Vitamin C into your daily skincare routine, you’re seriously missing out! Vitamin C is known as nature’s skin brightener, naturally brightening the skin while improving the effects of sun damage and pigmentation. Try the Vitamin C Brightening Oil and Anti-Dark Circle Eye Gel from LAMAV’s Brightening Range to reduce signs of pigmentation, even your complexion and deliver some serious glow before the event.


The obvious step when it comes to breakouts is keeping your skin clean, but surprisingly most of us aren’t actually doing this correctly! Double cleansing for 60 seconds is the most important step in everyone’s skincare routine to encourage exfoliation, blood flow and keep pores free from dead skin that can lead to breakouts. Introducing natural bio-actives that support gentle and effective cell turnover will also assist to manage and prevent breakouts. Try Bakuchiol as a natural alternative to Vitamin A and find cleansers and exfoliants that contain naturally derived AHA’s to achieve a deep clean and encourage cell turnover while boosting collagen production.

Dry Skin

Nothing ruins your makeup vibe faster than a patch of dry, flaky skin. Prevent frustration when applying your makeup for the event by ensuring skin is well exfoliated and hydrated. Layering products containing Omega Oils and Hyaluronic Acid will repair and protect your skin’s barrier while locking in the moisture needed for plump, dewy skin and flawless makeup application.


Double Cleanse

Starting with a double cleanse will obviously ensure skin is clean, but it also provides you with a gentle massage to stimulate blood flow and improve lymphatic drainage. It will also give your leave-on products such as serums and moisturisers a clean base to absorb deeper into the skin, allowing the active ingredients to do their job.


Exfoliation is important but it’s best to do this the day before to avoid redness or potential irritation. If you have sensitive skin prone to irritation and redness opt for a non-abrasive scrub such as the LAMAV Jojoba Exfoliating Scrub. This scrub is formulated with soft melting jojoba beads that won’t scratch the skin and the addition of fruit derived AHA’s ensure you’ll get a deep exfoliation without the irritation.

Plump up and boost hydration 

Sleeping is prime time for skin repair and rebuilding, and the products you choose to apply prior to bed can make a huge difference as to whether you roll out of bed looking dull or awake! Focusing on plumping bio-actives and products that boost hydration will give the best overnight results. Try these:

LAMAV’s Commiphora Plumping Serum

This potent serum will seriously boost your collagen while reducing the appearance of fine lines and naturally plumping the skin. Including nature’s alternative to injectables, paracress extract, commiphora and wakame will relax and plump the skin for a youthful complexion.

LAMAV’s Vitamin A Oil 

Say hello to a hydrated, luminous complexion! This plant-derived retinol alternative delivers some serious goods to the skin when it comes to age-defence and repair. Bakuchiol works to improve collagen production and cellular turnover while nourishing oils help to repair and protect the skin. 

While your skin soaks up the goodness of the Vitamin A Oil, why not treat yourself to a Gua Sha Facial Massage. LAMAV’s Rose Quartz Gua Sha will not only relax you and your facial muscles, it will also help to encourage skin rejuvenation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce inflammation, leaving you with an even brighter and smoother complexion.

LAMAV’s Beauty Sleep Mask

This is your bff mask when it comes to boosting hydration and reducing redness the night before an event. This leave-on overnight mask was specifically formulated to support your skin’s ability to rejuvenate overnight. Hyaluronic Acid and Bisabol instantly hydrate and restore skin, while gentle fruit acids and nourishing oils reveal radiant, plump skin. 


Avoid skin irritation

Red, irritated skin on the day of an event is frustrating and can be difficult to completely conceal with makeup. There are a few ways you can prevent red, irritated and broken skin.

  • No squeezing pimples! We get it, it can be tempting. However, covering an open wound with makeup is not only difficult to do, it can also result in infection and the pimple looking much worse by the end of the night. If you must squeeze, wait until the next day when your skin is clean and you can take the time to extract as carefully and hygienically as possible.
  • No new products. The days leading up to an event is not the time to experiment with a new tan, makeup or skincare product. Stick to your tried and tested favourites that you know your skin will respond calmly to.
  • Avoid sun exposure. This one should be obvious, but attempting to get a natural tan on the day of an event could result in sunburn and potentially lead to very red, uncomfortable skin.


Vitamin C isn’t just great for your skin’s health, it’s also an instant brightener. As mentioned earlier, regular use of Vitamin C skincare products can assist to clear pigmentation and even out your complexion, but if you’re after one last glowing boost before you apply your makeup, a Vitamin C product is what you need to reach for.

Want even more glow? Look for Tumeric. LAMAV’s Glow Face Mask was designed to provide an instant refresh to dull, tired and congested skin. The inclusion of Tumeric (along with our friend Vitamin C) will instantly brighten your complexion while smoothing and hydrating the skin. Apply this to clean skin after cleansing and prior to serums, oils and moisturisers.

Layer for long-lasting hydration 

Keep your skin looking plump and fresh all night long by layering products that support and lock in hydration. Putting in the effort to apply moisture boosting toners, serums and moisturisers to freshly clean skin will prevent your skin from drying out throughout the special event and will provide you with a smooth base for flawless makeup application. Our top picks:

LAMAV Rose Hydrating Mist Spray
LAMAV Hyaluronic Hydra-Max Serum
LAMAV Hyaluronic Moisture Cream


Now that you’ve gone to all that effort, why not lock it all in with a facial roller? Put our Rose Quartz Facial Roller in the fridge and gently massage after moisturising for an instant de-puff while letting all the goodness of your skincare soak in prior to makeup application.

Prime Time

The bridge between skincare and makeup, primer will hydrate your skin while filling in pores and lines to provide a smooth base for makeup application. LAMAV’s Organic Bio-Active Primer will extend the staying power of your makeup while providing age-defence and boosting hydration as you wear it.

For the Handbag

For hydrating top ups on the go, our Rose Hydrating Mist Spray is a handbag essential. Spray over makeup for a hydrating refresh and keep your complexion looking luminous all night!