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 Inner Beauty Range

There are many factors that can influence the state of our skin—including our diet, lifestyle, environmental stressors and, of course, our choice of topical skincare. But for consistently glowing skin, it’s important to first and foremost examine what we are doing internally to support our complexion.

This is because as our body's largest organ, our skin is a reflection of our inner health and wellbeing—and therefore, it’s also one of the first places to show the effects of a poor diet or less than ideal lifestyle choices. On the other hand, when we nourish and nurture our skin by focusing on a diet rich in antioxidants and the key vitamins, minerals and nutrients it requires to remain radiant, it will reward us by staying smooth, clear, hydrated and healthy.

The good news is that in many cases, the same vitamins and nutrients that are vital for skin health, also boast benefits for our digestive health, immunity and wellbeing.

Vitamin C

Perhaps more than any other vitamin, vitamin C is essential for healthy, glowing skin—contributing to collagen production and wound healing, as well as cell protection from free radical damage. But this powerhouse vitamin also boasts other benefits, as it is vital for supporting immune system function and also maintaining energy—helping to reduce the effects of tiredness and fatigue. As the human body is unable to produce or store this powerhouse antioxidant, it’s essential we consume enough vitamin C daily in order to experience optimal health and wellbeing. Found in many fruits and vegetables including citrus, tomatoes and dark leafy greens—some of the most potent sources of vitamin C include rosehips, acerola cherry and astaxanthin which is why we have chosen to include these incredible ingredients in our new Ayurvedic Beauty Powder formula.


Vitamin A

This essential nutrient boasts a myriad of benefits—contributing to normal skin structure and function as well as improved immunity and eye health. Found in many topical formulas, vitamin A (and its derivatives) is also praised for its abilities to help stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of ageing including sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. When consumed internally, however, it’s the potent antioxidant qualities of vitamin A that make it so remarkable—strengthening the skin and helping to fight the effects of free radical damage. It is also widely used to help treat inflammatory skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. Good food sources of vitamin A include egg yolks, dairy and carotenoid-rich carrots and sweet potatoes. The adaptogenic herb Amla is also a good source of vitamin A and can be found in our Ayurvedic Beauty Blend™ which is in both LAMAV’s Ayurvedic Beauty Powder and Beauty Restore liquid.


Vitamin E

This moisturising fat-soluble vitamin is secreted through your skin’s sebum and is a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight inflammation and the effects of free radicals. It is also photo-protective, helping to reduce the effects of UV exposure. Found in nuts and seeds, dark greens and olive oil—vitamin E is even better absorbed when consumed with vitamin C. Again, rosehips and Amla—ingredients found in our Ayurvedic Beauty Powder—are also a good source.


Vital for our immune health, eye health, metabolism and skin—zinc is another nutrient that we are unable to store and so must consume daily. In terms of our skin, zinc is particularly helpful at supporting cell structure, assisting with wound healing and treating skin conditions such as acne. While zinc is commonplace in many supplements these days—including our Ayurvedic Beauty Powder which includes bioavailable zinc gluconate—good food sources include oysters, red meat, chicken and pumpkin seeds. 


Probiotics & Prebiotics

While you might not consider that jar of kimchi in your fridge as a beauty food—the truth is that for healthy, radiant skin it’s essential to first nurture your digestive health. This is because if our gut is out of balance, inflamed or irritated, the likelihood is that our skin will be, too. When our gut health is compromised, our ability to absorb and utilise the key vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are so essential for glowing skin is also impaired. By bolstering our microbiome, however, we can strengthen and support our skin from within. Probiotic fermented foods—like sauerkraut, kefir and miso—or probiotic supplements—provide your gut with a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria, many of which have now been studied for their immune and skin-loving benefits. Consuming enough prebiotic foods—like onions, garlic, leeks, dandelion and artichokes, is also essential as these feed the good bacteria in your gut and help them to proliferate. Together, probiotics and prebiotics also help to support your skin barrier function and fight inflammation. 

Given that many of us don’t consume enough probiotic-rich foods daily, both our Ayurvedic Beauty Powder and our Beauty Restore liquid include LAMAV’s exclusive Probiotic Blend which contains eight strains of beneficial bacteria derived from bio-fermented papaya. Selected for their skin, immunity and wellbeing benefits—this innovative blend undoubtedly supercharges the effects of our inner beauty range!

Discover these skin-loving vitamins and nutrients by exploring our range of Inner Beauty products—for glowing skin and improved wellbeing.