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Ayurvedic Treatment for Pimples - Unlock the Natural Solution

Acne. It’s a frustrating skin condition that if left untreated can cause long term scarring, mental health problems and negatively impact the self-esteem of those who live with it. Most of us have bad skin days where we’ve allowed our unhealthy lifestyle choices to put our gut health and skin out of balance, but there’s a big difference between experiencing the odd pimple and living with acne.

Acne is a skin condition and people who suffer from this condition have acne-prone skin, which often means constant, persistent breakouts. Those of us who are lucky enough to only experience occasional pimples tend to have different skin types and generally have clear skin most of the time.

Acne can show up uninvited at any age, however according to the Australian Journal of General Practice, acne is most common in teenagers with a prevalence of 93.3% in people aged 16–18 years in Australia. International studies have also shown a prevalence of 85% in people aged 12–24 years, 64% in people aged 20-29 years and 43% 30–39 years.

So how do we prevent and treat this unwanted skin condition? In order to treat acne, we first need to dive deeper into what causes it. 

Acne occurs when a hair follicle and its sebaceous gland become blocked and inflamed. It can be caused by a range of factors, the most common being hormonal imbalances that can be exacerbated further by an unhealthy diet, poor skin hygiene, the wrong skincare, stress and gut health issues. When starting an acne treatment plan it’s important to take a holistic approach and avoid any quick fix treatments, as tempting as they may be. Topical treatments alone may initially ease acne symptoms, but they won’t treat the condition and its potential causes.

Acne treatment is a long term game that will require work from the inside out, which is why turning to Ayurveda is ideal for acne treatment. The Science of Life, Ayurveda, is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems that believes our body, mind and spirit are interlinked, existing in a delicate balance. It focuses on powerful and effective botanical ingredients, remedies and healthy lifestyle choices to address the root cause of conditions and illnesses. Ayurveda believes that acne can be the result of an imbalance between the doshas - vata, pitta and kapha, and in order to regain balance you must first focus on overall health including a clean diet, stress free mind and healthy lifestyle choices. Once you have these areas of your mind and body back in balance, continuing with an Ayurvedic inspired lifestyle will support prevention of conditions such as acne before they have a chance to flare up.

Traditional Ayurvedic ingredients contain many therapeutic benefits including impressive levels of anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which makes them particularly beneficial for acne sufferers. When considering ingredients in your diet and skincare, look for the following traditional Ayurvedic Ingredients to prevent and treat acne from the inside out.


Rich in colour and antioxidants, this wonder-spice is a potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredient hero when it comes to treating acne. When used topically it assists with reducing scarring, improving wound healing and soothing inflammatory skin conditions.


Sandalwood oil has powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties making it the ideal ingredient for treating inflamed breakouts. This versatile oil also has fantastic age defence properties as it supports hydration by providing an emollient barrier between the skin and environmental stress. It has a pleasant scent aiding in calming and focusing the mind to de stress and re-balance.

Holy Basil

Known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this green leafy plant is native to Southeast Asia and has a strong history with Indian medicine as a treatment for many conditions. It is rich in natural oils the help cleanse the pores to remove impurities and excess oil that may contribute to the development of acne. It also has a high nutritional value, containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc and Iron, so is great for overall health and wellbeing.

Aloe Vera

When dealing with the treatment of acne and pimples we often reach for harsh products to “kill” the bacteria and strip the excess oil that contributes to this condition. Whilst that can be tempting, it can often make conditions worse by aggravating inflammation. Aloe Vera protects the skin, provides hydration and promotes healing to reduce inflammation. It also contains the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that every acne sufferer needs.


As a key ingredient used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, this adaptogenic powerhouse has an impressive dual ability to help energise and calm our bodies at the same time. Ashwagandha reduces stress by encouraging our body’s systems to come back into balance. It also contains impressive anti-inflammatory properties to calm and reduce acne.


At LAMAV, we have always been inspired by Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom. Below are a few of our favourite Ayurvedic products that support the prevention and treatment of acne and help to reduce acne scarring.

Ayurvedic Beauty Powder

LAMAV’s Ayurvedic Beauty Powder is the ultimate wellness multitasker, and is particularly beneficial for those experiencing imbalances with their skin. Containing our exclusive Ayurvedic Beauty Blend™ of Holy Basil, Turmeric, Ashwagandha and Amla help the body respond and adapt to stress—improving skin health and overall wellbeing. The addition of prebiotic inulin and our Probiotic Blend further supports and nurtures digestive health, for clearer skin from the inside out. 

Glow Beauty Mask

This luxe mask was inspired by ancient Indian Tumeric Mask traditions and contains potent bio-active ingredients that will have your skin clear and glowing in no time. Tumeric works to reduce inflammation, while Vitamin C and Kakadu Plum Extract combine to brighten skin, countering the effects of pigmentation and improving tone and texture. The addition of Australian Yellow Clay helps to detoxify skin, reduce congestion and enhance radiance. 

Kansa Wand

Just as our bodies benefit from massage, so too does our complexion. The practice of Ayurvedic Kansa Massage has been around for centuries and is considered sacred due to its ability to bring harmony to the mind and body—balancing the doshas, unblocking energy channels and improving the body’s natural healing mechanisms. LAMAV’s Ayurvedic Kansa Wand helps to boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage to detoxify dull, congested skin. To learn more about how you can incorporate our Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Massage into your daily skincare ritual click here

Body Acne

If acne on your face isn’t bad enough, it can also affect areas of the body such as the chest, shoulders and back. Body acne is caused by a buildup of dead skin cells that block your pores and lead to an increase in bacteria, resulting in inflammation and the formation of pimples. 


If you’re suffering from body acne, don’t stress. Ayurveda has many ancient body care rituals that aid with reducing inflammation and dead skin buildup to keep your skin clear. The best part? You can incorporate these rituals into your daily shower or bathing routine in your own home.

Abhyanga massage 

On a topical level, Abhyanga massage helps to enrich and hydrate the skin, improve tone and texture, whilst also feeding the skin’s natural microbiome and strengthening its defences, making it ideal for those experiencing body acne. It can also improve lymphatic drainage and detoxification, increase and strengthen circulation, alleviate inflammation and muscle pain and most importantly, bring calm and balance to the nervous system. It is a gentle and effective self massage, that if practiced with the right oils, can have a significant impact on reducing and preventing body acne.


To learn how to recreate our signature Abyangha massage

Body Oils

When it comes to skincare for acne, it can be tempting to opt for products that are on the dryer side. Believe it or not, using the right oils on acne prone skin can actually help to balance, treat and heal acne. LAMAV’S Ayurvedic Body Oils are developed using traditional Ayurvedic methods and also contain our signature Ayurvedic Wellness Blend including Ashwagandha, Amla and Holy Basil to fight external stressors, inflammation and firm the skin. These oils are suited to all skin types and particularly those seeking calmer, clearer skin.


Garshana Dry Body Brushing

Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic healing traditions, Garshana dry body brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves the body’s natural detoxification channels and boosts circulation to revitalise and rejuvenate skin. The gentle bristles work to exfoliate and slough away dead skin cells, stimulating cellular turnover, to assist with the prevention of dead skin buildup that can contribute to body acne.


To learn more about Garshana and how you can implement this ritual at home 

*Massage and dry body brushing are not recommended for use on broken or irritated skin