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Age Defence Organic Esentials

More than 13 years ago, Tarj Mavi—a veterinarian, pathologist, research scientist and clean beauty pioneer—launched LAMAV, the world’s first Certified Organic skincare range infused with scientifically proven bio-actives.

But, before the brand became synonymous with clean beauty—there was simply the seed of an idea. Having experienced her own skin issues, Tarj became dedicated to uncovering a holistic solution—and this is, in essence, what drove her to develop LAMAV.

As the brand celebrates its birthday, we sat down with Tarj to ask about her personal story and brand evolution, so that you—as part of our valued community—can continue to be inspired to elevate your daily selfcare ritual and enjoy a luxurious experience that truly delivers optimal results for your skin, health and wellbeing

What inspired you to create your own skincare line?

“Nearly 20 years ago, I experienced first-hand how hormonal imbalances can affect the skin—and I struggled with both skin sensitivity and hormonal pigmentation. I innately knew that there was no ‘quick fix’ and drawing on my experience as a scientist and researcher, I wanted to harness the powers of natural bio-actives to create formulas that were completely pure.

I knew, in doing so, that I could not only find an effective solution for my own skin issues, but that I could also share my knowledge with other women looking for a safer, natural alternative themselves.”

LAMAV’s key point of difference is its use of bio-actives. What are bio-actives and how did you know which ones would be effective?

“Put simply, bio-actives are naturally-occurring molecules which are scientifically proven to harbour compounds which exhibit high levels of antioxidant or anti-ageing activity. So I knew that these remarkable ingredients could be incredibly powerful when incorporated into skincare—it was simply a matter of working out how to utilise them effectively.

Before launching my first range of products in 2008, I had researched and trialled nearly 100 natural bio-actives, creating countless samples—and experiencing many failed attempts. But despite this, I remained steadfast to my mission that no woman should have to sacrifice her health for beauty and as each formula developed, I was able to use particular bio-actives to target specific skin concerns and most importantly—deliver results that were clinically proven.”

What are some of the skin concerns that these bio-actives are able to address?

“Every formula we create incorporates 4–7 bio-actives and those we utilise regularly target skin pigmentation, ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, oxidative stress, dehydration, tone and texture, skin firmness and elasticity.”

What else was important to you when developing LAMAV?

“As a vet, the most important thing to me was that every formula was cruelty-free—this was absolutely non-negotiable. As a mum, it was also essential that every formula was completely free from toxins and organic and thirdly, as a researcher and scientist, I had to be confident that every ingredient was used purposefully, that it was well-researched and efficacious—which is why our bio-actives play such an integral role in the brand.”

As the brand has evolved in recent years, what has changed?

“While our mission remains the same—I am excited that our knowledge of ingredients has continued to evolve and recently we have advanced our formulas, incorporating new Australian native extracts with Ayurvedic ingredients and adaptogens—to further elevate what is possible in skincare. 

My Indian heritage has always been an inspiration to me and having grown up with the innate knowledge of Ayurveda—I’m thrilled to be able to share this incredible healing modality with our community.”

What are the top three ingredients for glowing skin?

“There are many! But for glowing, resilient skin, my top three would be vitamin A, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. 

Vitamin A boasts many benefits, but is essential for skin structure and function, helping to stimulate collagen production and prevent the visible signs of ageing. As a potent antioxidant, it also has many anti-inflammatory benefits so helps to keep skin robust, calm and clear. Vitamin C is also critical for glowing skin and would likely be the top-rated ingredient by beauty experts as it is vital for collagen formation and cell protection. But hyaluronic acid is also gaining momentum as a true beauty secret—as this hydrating ingredient is like a drink of water for your skin, providing instant hydration and that delicious dewiness that we all love.”

As it’s LAMAV’s birthday, are there any insider secrets you can share as to what might be coming next?

“Of course! While there’s always new skincare products in the pipeline—this year we’re really excited to share that we will be expanding our Wellbeing category. We already have a selection of inner beauty teas available, but to align further with our holistic approach to health, beauty and wellness, we’re looking to launch new products into this category. Although I can’t reveal too many details just yet, our next formula will be a first for LAMAV!”