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The Beauty Benefits Of Marula Oil

It seems that Africa is a very fertile
ground for many endemic, obscure-sounding plants that give us the best facial
oils we can use. So far, argan oil has been everyone’s favourite, but that is
only because they haven’t yet met the newest multi-purpose miraculous product.
Step aside, 
argan, there’s a new oil on the shelf – marula oil.

is Marula oil?

The geographic position and climate of
Southern Africa and Madagascar (characterized by low rainfall and abundant
bright sunshine) created the perfect conditions for the marula trees to bear
their sweet fruit. For centuries, marula oil has been hand-harvested by the
women in village collectives, from the seed kernel inside the delicious fruit,
and widely used for its medicinal and beauty properties. Whether you use it on
its own, or mix it with another skincare product, the oil is very light,
fast-absorbing and highly nutritious. The fruit, the leaves and the bark of the
tree can do wonders for the skin, mostly due to the high content of 
vitamin C (4 times more than an orange) and other antioxidants, such as vitamin E and
flavonoids. It’s enough to say that marula oil contains 60% more antioxidants
than argan oil.

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else does Marula oil contain?

Marula oil is packed with monounsaturated
fatty acids, namely oleic acid (70-78%), but it also contains significant
concentrations of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as alpha-linolenic
(0.1-0.7%) and linoleic (4.0-7.0%), as well as saturated fatty acids, arachidonic
(0.3-0.7%), stearic (5.0-8.0%), and palmitic (9-12%). Other beneficial natural
compounds found in marula oil include: tocopherols, sterols, procyanidin,
galattotannin, and catechins. Pretty good company, don’t you think?

do we use Marula oil?

The oil provides many beauty benefits, some
of which are:

oil conditions from head to toe

Only a few drops of this super-light oil, applied
on the face, neck, or décolleté, are enough to re-hydrate the skin in depth,
and at the same time lock the moisture in. Even the dry areas around the elbows
and the heels will instantly feel velvety smooth to the touch, due to the
highly nourishing composition of marula oil. Marula oil provides 
long-lasting hydration and helps you maintain your skin silky smooth and supple all day

oil protects your skin day and night

The high levels of vitamin C, vitamin E,
phenolic compounds, and essential amino acids boost cell renewal and provide
advanced protection against external, skin-damaging elements. While marula oil
minimizes the negative effects of excess sun exposure, cold winds, and
pollution, it also works at night and fortifies your skin from within, while
you sleep. According to beauty experts, marula oil is one of the best
all-natural, nourishing, nutrient-rich elixirs you can give your skin before

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oil takes years off your face

Thanks to its deeply moisturizing effect,
marula oil 
eliminates dull complexion, smooth our skin’s surface and restores
its suppleness, so you can enjoy wrinkle-free, glowing skin, regardless of the season.

The omega fatty acids repair the damage
caused by free radicals, thus prevent photo-aging. The oil 
stimulates collagen production on cellular level, improving skin’s elasticity and firmness.

oil benefits all skin types

Marula oil has rich composition, yet light
texture, therefore it is suitable for all skin types. And yes, – it works like
charm, even for 
oily skin, because it does not leave any greasy residue, nor it
clogs pores. Try it!

Have you ever tried marula oil? How do you use it? Do you like it? Tell us in the comments below!