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5 Skin Care Related Claims That Are NOT True

What I appreciate most about the internet is the fact that
you can get an answer to any of your questions + you can expand your knowledge
in any area you want, for free. Isn’t that fascinating?

As much as I love the internet, though, I often wonder what percentage of the information found there is legit?

I don’t want to say that all skin care related myths, have emerged from misleading claims that were once publish on the internet, but to
be honest, I believe that most of them have. To help you distinguish fact from
fiction, today, I’d like to bust 5 of the most common misconceptions related to
how to take care of your skin, and how to keep it youthful and healthy.

You Must Cleanse Your
Skin Morning And Evening

Ask yourself – is your face really that dirty when you wake
up? I mean, you slept for (ideally) 8 hours, in your comfortable bed, on clean sheets.
Doesn’t sound like a place where your face can get extremely dirty, don’t you

While cleansing in the evening is a must (even if you don’t
wear makeup), because it “takes the day off” your face, and preps your skin for
all lotions & potions you apply afterwards, it’s definitely not necessary
in the morning.

For those of you, who wake up with oily skin or just have
the urge to refresh it, we suggest using a 
balancing toner – one that will
skin’s pH and will help you get rid of the shine (and impurities, if

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Expensive Products
Always Work Better

Let’s be honest – in more than 50% of the cases we pay for
the fancy packaging and the brand’s name. We all know it, but we still try to
convince ourselves that cream X, we spent $250 on, made a huge difference in
the way our skin looked.

Did it? Did it work better than your regular moisturizer? Be

I agree that extracts from rare plants and newly discovered
“smart” molecules cost money, and if company X uses them, this will be reflected
on the price tag. Nevertheless, it is also true that many brands are dishonest,
and will make the crazies claim, just to make you buy their products. We are
constantly tricked into thinking that we pay for extraordinarily potent ingredients,
while the truth is we are paying for luxurious glass bottles with amazingly
pretty golden droppers. Fancy, but not really beneficial for your skin.

When it comes to active ingredients, the first thing you
need to do, before spending a fortune on a product, is to check the ingredient
list. Unfortunately, in the majority of the cases, the “magical” ingredients
that are being sold to us, are in very low concentration (can be found at the
end of the ingredient list), therefore don’t do much for the skin.

The moral of the story: Shop wisely and always read the

You Must Not Use Anti-Aging
Products When You Are 20

…or else, when you turn 35, they won’t work anymore, and you’ll
end up with saggy, wrinkly skin.

Not true.

The only downside of using anti-aging products when you are 20
is that if you have oily skin, and the products you’ve decided to go for are
richer (texture-wise), you might over-nourish your skin and end up with a shiny

So far, there is no evidence that anti-aging products can
have negative effect on young skin; neither there is evidence that your skin
has the ability to “adapt” to the products you use. Exactly the opposite – at
any age, your skin will “appreciate” products formulated with 
vitamins, peptides, 
natural oils and plant extracts. Remember – prevention is
always better than having to deal with a problem that already exists.

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Rich Creams
Are The Ultimate Solution For Dry Skin

The health from within, shows on the inside. Same applies
for your skin.

Dry skin is often dehydrated on the inside or is out of
balance, which is why slathering rich creams on a daily basis won’t really solve
the problem (even though it may mask it for a while).

Whether it is damaged lipid barrier, lack of nutrients,
excess sun exposure, abusing chemical peels, etc. in order to see improvement
in the way your skin looks and feels, you need to take measures to treat the
underlying cause.

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You Can’t Combine
Products From Different Brands

As long as the products you use target your skin concerns,
you can combine them regardless of the price tag, the brand or their origin. In
fact, since almost every brand has its super-star ingredient, by using products
from different manufacturers, you can benefit from more than one “magical”
component at a time. Cool, isn’t it?

PS: We recommend sticking to organic/natural products, in
order to achieve long-lasting result and to avoid potentially harmful

Are there any skin
care related claims that you find to be confusing? Tell us in the comments
below – we’ll be happy to investigate and bust some more myths for you!